Marketing To Millennials

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Are you looking to reach more millennials with your online advertising? Marketing to millennials is no easy task. Research shows those ages 18-34 do not respond well to traditional advertising. Millennials are increasingly relying on social media and Google to solve their problems or help them reach a decision. To really reach the millennial audience, you must speak their language.

Here are 4 things you need to know to when marketing to millennials:

Get Local

Local marketing targets the community around your business. Whether it be through a Facebook ad offering a discount if you show to be in the area, or a Snapchat geofilter. Millennials do not like to consume ads that do not feel authentic. They need to be a part of the story for your business to resonate.

Be Authentic

Millennials grew up with more advertising thrown at them than any other generation. They know how to tell if you actually do care. Millennials excel at being able to look past the noise and find companies that are authentic. When millennials see a brand respond in a genuine way instead of automatic replies, or a scripted response they know that is a company they can trust.


With video, it is important to remember less is more. Millennials will not sit through a thirty second or minute-long clip. At most, you have 4-10 seconds to get their attention and get your point across. After that, if you haven’t then they are likely to scroll on.

Native Advertising

According to BI Intelligence in 2017, native advertising is projected to reach about $17.5 billion. Adobe Flash videos no longer play automatically due to some Chrome extensions. Native advertising, such as sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook, are not meant to interrupt, but to still engage the audience.

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