Getting Creative In Tough Times

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We know all too well the insanity that COVID-19 has brought to the US and around the world. Its impact on small businesses has been earth-shattering and it may be weeks or months before things start to go back to normal. In the meantime, small businesses have to get creative to make sure they can keep income coming in. This article is going to have some quick ideas to boost your creativity to get through tough times. 

Rethink Things

We’re all guilty of thinking “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” and I’m usually the first to agree with you. However, with people now being quarantined and staying at home as much as possible every business is going to have to look and see what can be changed. Whether it’s as simple as adding a takeout or delivery option or as complex as needing a website built don’t be afraid to take chances and make the change to keep your business afloat. 

Reach Out

Our networks can be an instrumental part of the current crisis. And social media is a huge part of our network. We’re still able to reach our customers by using social media to our advantage. By reaching out to your network you are able to ask questions and see what your customers are looking for. If you’re a clothing store your customers may be interested in a “Work From Home” collection. Or if you’re a restaurant your customers may be interested in a meal kit option. Find out what people are looking for and do your best to fill that need. 

Look At What You Can Control

Right now there are a lot of things outside of our control. We don’t know when the social distancing is going to end. We don’t know when businesses will be able to open. But what can we control? We can look at aspects of our businesses and our lives that we’ve been neglecting. If accounting isn’t your strongest area of expertise now may be the time to take classes. If you are looking to expand your website as a designer I can tell you right now is a great time to give your site a refresh. 

Open Communication

This goes beyond reaching out to your network. Actually have a conversation with them. Maybe have a Facebook live to engage them. Does your coffeehouse have the best pumpkin muffins around? Maybe have a Facebook live of you cooking a batch. Have fun and do things you wouldn’t normally do. Right now we’re all desperately needing any kind of distraction, think of something you can do. Engage people as much as you can. Make sure that you stay at the top of their mind so once businesses do open back up they’re the first ones in your door. 

I’m not going to lie, this is a very scary time for all small businesses. I’m right there with you. However, we’re going to make it through this one day at a time. Go hopefully by getting creative and working together we can make it through.