Benefits of Outsourcing

benefits of outsourcing

Time is a limited resource as a small business owner. We all know how much time marketing takes and it is often the last thing on your mind. And why shouldn’t it be? You have so many other responsibilities pulling you in a million directions. Between keeping up with payments, meeting with customers, dealing with complaints, fulfilling orders and everything else it takes to run a successful business I can understand why marketing ends up being the last thing a business owner thinks about. Outsourcing is often intimidating to business owners. They feel like it is going to be a complicated process or it is going to be crazily expensive. And the truth is, it’s neither.  And the benefits of outsourcing are often above and beyond what most expect.

You Get A Whole Team of Experts

We have almost 20 years of combined experience in digital marketing. Here at Heritage Marketing Co. We have a commitment to continuing our education so we are always up to date on the newest technology and techniques. We take your success seriously and we always want to do the best we can for you. Having so much experience in this field is hard to find and is very expensive to add on as an employee. 

You Get To Focus On Your Strengths

Digital marketing doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. The change in technology is continuous and unless you are keeping up with the changes it is difficult to follow along. Why not outsource what you’re not comfortable with? One of the main benefits of outsourcing is the ability to free up time to focus on doing what you do best. 

It Costs Less

According to Indeed, the average cost of an in-house digital marketing employee is over $61,000 a year. At Heritage, we want to keep costs low because we enjoy working with small business owners. You won’t spend $61,000 for our services in a year or even five years. Now add on the fact you do not have to worry about payroll, benefits, or insurance and the idea of outsourcing is looking better and better. 

While we are the first to admit outsourcing doesn’t work in every case. The benefits of outsourcing often outweigh the cons. We strive to maintain an open line of communication with all of our clients making sure we go above and beyond every expectation. Why not give outsourcing a try? It is a lot less intimidating than it sounds and the cost is much less than what most people realize. 

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